Dreamly Bed Frame ARIES



Aries: solid beech multilayer frame with support in SBS on top of the frame and slats in beech wood always guarantee correct support for the mattress. In the shoulder area the slotted slats increase flexibility for optimize the confort. Possibility to adjust firmness in the lumbar region.
All Dreamly products can be entirely customized by the customer: measurements, features, materials and finishes.
1. Slotted slats in the shoulder area to increase the dynamic behaviour of the bed frame
2. Firmness adjustment: In the lumbar region the bed frame is made with a special system of triple slats and slider that work to regulate the hardness
3. Elongated slats support: The tilting flexor joints, helps all the slats to ensure a ideal springing, interacting actively to solicitations of the mattress.
4. Angular plate in nylon-fiber glass: the feet are fixed to the bed frame using a special angular plate in nylon fiber glass that works also as stabilizer support