Dreamly Bed Frame LEO Motorized



Leo represents absolute excellence in the bed sector, because it unites all the new trends into a single product. All the materials used for construction are of the highest quality and durable over time: starting from the sturdy frame in resin-coated multi-layer beech wood, to the slat supports in TPEE, a latest generation material also used in the automotive and aerospace sectors. In the shoulder area of the bed, the TSS supports (Three-dimensional Suspension System) allow 360° oscillation and an independent dynamic effect for each single element. TSS are also customized in firmness regulation.
All Dreamly products can be entirely customized by the customer: measurements, features, materials and finishes.
1. The shoulder area is equipped with TSS, an independent and adjustable suspensions system that allow you to customize the rigidity and to follow the need of the body
2. Elongated slats support: The tilting flexor joints, helps all the slats to ensure a ideal springing, interacting actively to solicitations of the mattress
3. Custom end slat: The slats at the of the bed frame are specially shaped for a better acceptance of the mattress
4. Crosspieces for feet: the feet are fixed to the bed frame using a special crosspieces that works also as stabilizer support
5. Firmness adjustment: In the lumbar region the bed frame is made with a special system of double slats and slider that work to regulate the hardness