Halsa® Executive Mattress


This model consists mainly of solid pocket springs, which form the basis of the structure. The presented hybrid mattress has two degrees of hardness – it is hard and very hard, thanks to which you will choose the side that better suits your expectations. The Halsa EXECUTIVE mattress is also a combination of innovative Hyper Soft and Hyper Firm foams. Additional foam layers are reinforcement, but also a guarantee of elasticity and flexibility, which improves the comfort of use.

Double-sided spring mattress designed for people who like harder sleeping comfort and for people with higher weight. Thanks to the Less Partner Disturbance technology, it is also perfect for pairs – the springs work completely independently, eliminating the transmission of vibrations. Executive is a firm mattress, but at the same time dynamic and well-supporting the body. It is distinguished by reinforced edges ensuring the same level of comfort on the entire sleeping surface.